Jason Project VI

Hawaiian Volcanos- A Crucible of Life

The Jason Project VI: Conceived of by Dr. Robert Ballard, who found the Titanic, the Jason Project is a response to Ballard's desire to connect children throughout the world with live science. At sites in the Hawaiian Volcano National Park specialized scientists conducted scientific studies along with student and teacher Argonauts for two weeks.

Using the latest video, telecommunications and computer technologies provided by EDS, the project scientists in Hawaii interacted with students at 30 PIN Sites in the U.S., Bermuda, Mexico and the United Kingdom. There were five, one-hour broadcasts each day for the two-week period. During each broadcast Ballard and his team of scientists answered student questions, demonstrated on-site research techniques, and challenged students with observation tests.

Students also remotely operated an ROV (remote operating vehicle-see photos) which allowes them to explore Hawaii lava fields from the various PIN sites. At the PIN sites audiences of school kids watched Ballard and his team of researchers in Hawaii on large television screens during the broadcasts.

Jason VII will originate from underwater at the Florida Keys in February of 1996. You may want to visit the Jason Project web page.

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